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Internetforum for terminological work.

Evama Term Forum has been developed for terminological work in groups, where concepts are to be defined and terms decided in the form of projects and where at least half the work can be done on the Internet. This forum offers for each concept a possibility for moderated discussion on interactive pages. The moderator can update the text of the document which is the base for the work and thus create the final document of the working group. For access to Evama Term Forum you need a user ID and a password ehich will be provided by your moderator. When you want to create a new term forum just send an e-mail message via this form. You can use the e-mail form for any message to the central administration of Evama Term Forum, also if login should fail or you have any other problems with your account. Public parts of the Forum can be accessed through the "Login" button which does not require any password.

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